People are boycotting Target because Target is allowing transgendered folks to use the bathroom they look the least awkward within. This reminds me of the ongoing story that, every year, the Super Bowl attracts massive amounts of sex-trafficking.

Apparently, the Super Bowl does not attract a pilgrimage of prostitutes to the city in which the Super Bowl is held. According to, this is an urban myth. Yet, google it, and you’ll see a dozen news articles about massive sex-trafficking arrests preceding the Super Bowl.


Because, when there is added fear about a potential danger, people report more, police do more, and arrests are made. In the case of sex-slaves, people are liberated more often.

What if we saved our disgust and vigilance for the hidden amongst us: the strung-out sex workers and human slaves that exist in our world: just around the corner, just out of sight.

Even though the correlation between Super Bowl and Streetwalker was imagined/embellished, there are 16-24 million sex slaves in the world today. We can assume that, since most are women, they are being exploited by heterosexual (albeit perverted) men. Let’s pass discriminatory laws against these men until our girls are returned home: safe.

Let’s boycott all cultural mainstays associated with these adult males. Let’s give men no quarter within our cities that might leave an extra side alley or two for brothels. Let’s force our men into tea houses and book clubs so that their perverted urges aren’t given opportunity to be acted upon.

What? No takers?

Perhaps our aim, in boycotting Target and passing NC style laws is not the protection of our innocents but to feel a little superiority over those lower on the perversity totem pole than ourselves. Maybe we should take stock of our missing daughters and boycott every corner of the world that demands their taking. Let our collective moral disgust be spent on better causes.