Stop arguing about morality politics. Stop arguing about bathrooms.

And wedding cakes, and school clock projects. Left and Right are using issues like these to keep you occupied while they steal your money, outlaw your ability to take care of yourselves, and bomb your farther neighbors. To both the moral police AND the overzealous ‘rights’ crusaders: using a public restroom SHOULD be a little terrifying and shameful.

You will worry about this issue until it passes out of your mind a few weeks from now: unresolved like the thousand other identity-affirming-neon-lights they use to distract you. And One day you will wake up.

I mean really wake up: to find that you don’t have any money left to shop in these public places anyway. Because those in power have taken it through the attrition of debt. And you won’t try to make or grow for yourself what Walmart is selling, because it will be illegal to do so. You managed to save the transgendered’s right to pee next to you but neither of you can grow your own tomatoes without being fined or jailed.

And the ghosts of those you hadn’t notice we were bombing will haunt you there anyway: screaming in a thousand different, subtle ways: making the transgendered and the biblically overzealous the least terrifying things you have to deal with.

If you want a nice bathroom: buy a house. If you feel unsafe or persecuted, it is because you own nothing. You don’t even own the house you live in (bought or not it’s been stolen.) You are a vagrant to this system.  Just don’t blame your neighbor, no matter how wrong you think he is. The people who stole your house don’t live anywhere near it and they don’t use public restrooms.