The road to peace starts in the church parking lot.
BLM, cops shooting people, people shooting cops, BCA statistics, press conferences: all meaningless. We have a nation of lost hearts: unaware of how to show unconditional love or where to do it. The black community and the white community no longer understand one another. Body cams, accountability, public awareness: all good things but they won’t fix what’s wrong with America.
I think it would be amazing if the church led on this in radical ways. Not just events or partnerships but full integrations of different bodies of believers for the sake of a unity that does not exist in the church beyond sentiment. We must fight directly against what the devil is doing in our world. If we are ambassadors of reconciliation (to Christ) how much more, as believers, should we go out and create such an immense bond of unity, of familiarity between believers of different colors and socio-economic backgrounds that the world would have to ask us for directions on its road to peace.
We are at a point in our American society that there is mistrust, misunderstanding and anger on all sides. People are bunkering themselves and lobbing memes at one another instead of engaging in real dialogue. Facebook gives the illusion of dialogue but there are no stakes, no clarity, no conclusion. The church should lead as it has in times past. If she doesn’t, the hippie liberals and the government will and, though well intentioned, there is no power in what they do.
White people, go to a black church. Keep going until it’s not a black church anymore. Black people, go to white suburban churches. Keep going until the local cops get tired of pulling you over on your way there and you become elders and deacons. If every small group in every church in America was thoroughly diverse and not just ‘token’ diverse, we would be ‘WE’ and we wouldn’t be talking about black and white. We would be talking about individuals we knew and the trials that have befallen them, about salvation, truth, and justice; about charity and above all: Christ.