Government must respond to the actions of cops who brutalize black people to the same degree that BLM organizers must respond to the violence carried out by its protesters. Neither side can shrug off the responsibility.
Inner city lawlessness is a problem just like institutional racism is a problem and both result in a massive loss of black lives. This is not to say that a cop abusing his authority and murdering from a position of ‘relative’ safety isn’t a greater crime.
For the recent police cases where it is undeniable that a racial injustice has occurred, it is a much greater crime than the crimes of urban America: crimes committed by those who resort to violence while steeped in poverty and the wrongdoing of their peers. But neither side can shrug off its own faults while demanding full accountability from the other. We can’t solve this problem by forcing events into our own selfish narratives.
We’re all sinners and this is not a platitude to be taken lightly. We all need simultaneous justice and forgiveness and the appropriate measure of each to maintain the wellbeing and dignity of every member of our society.