Apple CEO Tim Cook’s

Home is invaded by madmen.

Maybe vengeful Chinese factory workers.

They’re going to rob him, burn his family, and take his liver.

He Jodie-Foster-runs to his safe room,

Gathers as much family as he can before the glass of windows shatter.

Calls the police-police chief thinks:


This is Tim Cook: CEO of Apple:

I better send this up the line.

They patch the line to state police

To Feds and some private security firms better at these kinds of things.

Somehow, as head of the Intelligence Committee,

John McCain gets on the line.

“You have nothing to worry about Timmy,”

John’s golden voice flows through secure lines into the Apple CEO’s safe room.

It’s heating up inside as the home invaders

Have torched his apartment.

Reflexively, he counts his kids’ heads.

Just how many of these things has he made?

Jobs would have known what to do.

McCain interrupts the shallow breathing in the dark room

“Samsung is a much larger threat to you than these home invaders.”