In my life so far

I’ve lived across from both

A cemetery and a street of brothels

One place evoked disgust while the other admiration

You can guess which was which

Because you know better…

We modern folk often think that there is nothing worse than death.

How does that work: that the worst thing that could possibly happen,

Always happens to everyone eventually?

To accept this is Nihilism.

Death is inevitable and must have a place in our structuring of values.

Abuse, betrayal, enslavement, callousness in the face of beauty.

These are uglier words than:

Grandfather’s last smile with his family wrapped around the hospice bed

–Uglier than: life-well-lived–

Shining in all their eyes.

He will die because everyone will die

The girl though,

The girl we give a name to as a joke

Candy, Lola, Honey

Because she has lost her good name.

She’s worse off:

Not because she can’t escape but because she should escape

Or be rescued in a thousand small ways.