They call us shallow but this is wrong. As though depths had been available to us and we had run from them scared. We could not reach the depths. We were not allowed.

They said we got all we wanted and still wanted more but nothing could be further from the truth. When we woke up to the world as it was, we were so far removed from what we truly wanted. We thought it impossible to obtain. The gadgets and consumer junk we get and get and get are time passers. We value them little. Holding one, dropping it, then another: like dried up sea shells on a walk to the deep ocean. Only we are blocked from this ocean by barbed wire. The seashells haunt us with their songs singing where we cannot go.

They said we wanted a wife + 2.5 kids + car and house but they lied about us. We wanted…we still want the love of our life and to love life. We want life to pass on and to grow. We want true battles to win, true spells to cast, and true places to explore and map. Instead we are given novelties and the devil mocks our shallowness that the novelty of each wears off so fast like our ability to see the truth or falseness in a thing was a sign of our fickle nature. On the contrary: a nose that turns up at certain smells yet can’t stop sniffing keeps poison from the stomach. Yet, in this world, we are forced upon meager meals. We are forced to eat.