Notes Between the Notes

Stories and Songs to Inspire by J.J. LaTourelle


joel's headshot2Joel Latterell is so committed to fiction writing that he eats paper. He was born in the salt mines of Kansas. A herd of free range cows raised him. They taught him to appreciate the beauty of a little black on white. His first real foray into the world of creative writing was when his younger brother invited him to break into cars and steal CD’s. Joel had to sit on the hoods of the cars reading liner notes to decide if the CD’s were worth stealing. Since then he’s specialized in spontaneous critical reviews and synopses   of current movies for his friends when they mention wanting to see said movies. He’s well loved for his cinematic insight and high standards. Once he won 3rd place in a spelling bee. He was nervous. He didn’t know how to spell m
accaroni. He still doesn’t.


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